HD Volume Imaging (HDVI)

HD Volume Imaging

HD Volume Imaging technológia

A következő generációs technológia a jelenben, amely drámaian javítja a 3D képek minőségét.

8 hetes magzat képe a coronalis síkban 2D módban8 hetes magzat képe coronalis síkban HD Volume Imaging módban

HDVI™ is based on non stationary adaptive filtering resulting in removal of unwanted speckle and noise whilst increasing visualization of edges and small structures in volume data. HDVI™ uses a 3D processing algorithm that is based on 3D matrix processing of volume data.

The essential feature of this 3D processing algorithm is matrix image processing which allows more accurate rendered information calculated from the voxel data of the acquired volume data.

By using this calculation method, a clear and improved image is shown in the rendered and multi-planar views.

HD Volume Imaging képalkotás a drámaian jobb 3D képekért - Samsung Medison

A HD Volume Imaging (HDVI) képalkotás hatása

HD Volume Imaging™ Performance

HD Volume Imaging™ (HDVI™) removes artifacts and incorporates a speckle reduction filter without compromising details but at the same time emphasizing the edge and structures. Therefore, 3D rendered image and multi-planar view provides an image quality with improved contrast and resolution. According to the result, it shows that the speckle noise of the image with HDVI™ is lower while the edge enhancement are higher, compared to the Original.

Additional effect of HDVI™ and OVIX™

HDVI™ image has amplified effect if used in conjunction with OVIX™(Oblique View eXtended). OVIX™ reduces noise and increases contrast by compounding multiple images. The pictures show the synergy of HDVI™ and OVIX™ when they are used together.

Magzati koponya OVIX C-síkú ultrahang képe

Klinikai képgyűjtemény - HD Volume Imaging

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